About Us

Hello aspiring tennis players and parents! My name is Eric and I learned to play tennis about 35 years ago. I still have the original tennis ball hopper I used back then that was a great practice partner, holding tennis balls and making it easier to pick them up. When I pulled out the old hopper a couple of years ago to start teaching my son, Oliver, how to play tennis, I was reminded how awkward it was to carry, especially with another bag of tennis equipment slung over my shoulder. I thought surely there must be a better solution, but I couldn’t find one.

So I decided to create the PACKHOPPER, the backpack and ball hopper in one.

Our company is ROVER SPORTS and it's based in Waco, Texas. We're just getting started but we hope the PACKHOPPER is the beginning of a whole line of innovative and useful products for sports enthusiasts around the world.

We know it's especially important to buy from trustworthy online merchants so please contact me with any questions or concerns at:

E-mail: eric@rovertennis.com

Phone: (254) 294-7449


Eric and Oliver

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